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Most web designers are just artists

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“Designers who don’t understand that websites are business assets which must achieve specific business objectives, which in turn are tied to revenue goals…are not actually designers at all. They are artists.”

“Similarly, if a designer talks about creating “clean” or “usable” websites, leave immediately and look elsewhere. Imagine if a caterer advertised like that. “We provide clean, edible food.” Outstanding—that’s just what I’m looking for!”

“Sadly, most designers don’t realize they’re amateurs. A lot of them have been in business for years, surviving off witless business owners who believe, as they do, that aesthetics are the key to profits. But there is a saying I once heard from Drayton Bird: some people have 20 years of experience…and some people have one year of experience, repeated 20 times.”

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  1. I totally agree with you!
    I love the saying from Drayton Bird that you quoted!
    That is so true! I could not agree with you more!


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